Our Services

If you can imagine it, we can do it. the possibilities for the web are bound only by your imagination. Let’s have a conversation about which of these services are right for your company.

Web design and maintenance

Custom web design - we build a page that fits your company’s needs from the ground up. Tailored to your brand, our sites are elegant, functional, and are compatible with all browsers. They work well, and they look good.

eCommerce - If you have always wanted to conduct business online but never before knew how, let us help.  An online store can infintely expand the reach of your company.

Domain procurement and hosting- Wondering what to call your website? Wondering what domain names are available? Let us do the work for you! We’ll research what is available, find a few options that work well with your company and brand, then together choose one that fits. All websites have to be “hosted” as well - meaning the data has to physically reside on a computer to be served to site visitors. Our hosting solution offers close to 100% uptime, meaning your site will always be available for those wanting to see it.

Web maintenance- a web site should not be a static brochure. It should change often with your business and product. You should use it as a way to connect with and keep your customers interested. With our affordable service contracts, this process is as easy as sending an email.

Social media technologies

Blog setup and mentoring - Want to establish your self as a content expert? Blogs are the easy way to publish your thoughts to the world wide web. There are several style and functional options to choose from. We obviously have our favorite, but we’ll help you choose something that you are comfortable with. The best part? to be a “blogger” requires absolutely no knowledge of web design, all you need is a head full of ideas and the moxie to make them known.

Online community setup and administration - Many merchants and organizations are finding that online communities are a great way to make their sites “sticky” - meaning that people keep coming back not only to see the company’s website, but also to engage with other users in the community. If your business or organization could benefit from a community site, we will help you set it up and moderate it for you if you wish.

Multimedia services

Video production and hosting- perhaps the coolest technology on the internet today is online video. Newer technologies make it possible for almost anyone to view video over the Internet, and for you to put it there free of charge. We have a full video production suite including writers and producers to help you create the perfect video for online distribution. The possibilities are limitless. Check out what we recently did for a client whose house was for sale. The best part? Video hosting is free. You can even MAKE money by putting videos online. We’ll show you everything you need to know.

Podcasting - The easy way to connect with an audience. Record an audio show (we’ll show you free tools!), post it to your website, and share it with the world. Integrates with iTunes so anyone with an iPod can get automatic updates every time you post a new episode.

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